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Pause. Listen. Return.

After a remarkable 2020 and 2021, I am grateful to continue offering meditation and yoga classes & coaching experiences to support you in building, returning to, and deepening your practice.

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Return to practice.

We all have a story. We all want to belong. I've learned that if I can accept all the messy within me, I can offer the safety of that acceptance to others, and together, we can remember our innate connectivity. 

Whether it is beginning or returning to a meditation or movement practice, I offer up my experience both on and off the mat to this community. After 20 years of teaching, guiding and transpersonal coaching, I am consistently grateful for the power of these practices to help us remember.

I invite you to contact me to start or continue a conversation about your practice and how I can support you.

I am committed to continuing to build a safe, connective and inclusive community. You are welcome here.

I am so impressed with how quickly you pivoted from in studio classes to online classes. It feels just like I am in class with you. I can almost feel everyone around me!


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